Thursday, March 21, 2013

Attack at Different Angles (LB: first year)

Recently we have started putting together simulation charts and doing more research for medications, nursing diagnoses, nursing interventions, and nursing care plans. What struck me the most about these new implementations to the schedule is the level of demand these assignments have on our time and attention. I was well aware that this new semester would bring along new challenges but I think I had taken for grated how much my professors had guided me in previous classes and outside the nursing school. These new projects posed numerous options on how to answer the problems that we were required to figure out ourselves without much direct guidance from our professor. I learned from these assignments that there are many diagnoses and interventions that can be employed for a single medical diagnosis. From the singular nursing diagnoses, various nursing care plans can be drawn up and arranged. Although these simulations tried on my patience and mental stability, I really appreciated learning all of the various ways of tackling a problem and being able to use the knowledge that I had not realized I already had and applying it to an assignment that is pertinent to our everyday careers.

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