Monday, January 14, 2013

Fun With Challenges (LB: first year)

     My experience in the nursing school thus far has been full of wonderful revelations.  I was under the impression that it would be all work and zero time to enjoy other activities.  I have found that I can successfully balance classes, work, and my personal life, which has been a huge relief.  I enjoy how challenging my classes can be and how fun the different exercises can be as well.  The professors have been astute in recognizing that not all students learn the same way and therefore encourage us to study and learn in a way that fits.  From past experience in college and throughout high school, it is evident that not all teachers truly enjoy their careers and therefor do not want to help their students excel.  I was delighted to discover not only how much the professors enjoy teaching but also how much they truly love their careers in nursing.  The teachers present the course material in various ways, i.e. learning about skin anomalies with gourds, discussing discrepancies with the Board of Nurses, and supplemental videos to help further our education.  I have met so many people in the program and I have developed strong relationships that I am sure will endure a lifetime.  I feel it is obvious to note but I enjoy clinicals the most.  I am so passionate about working with the patients and making a connection with them not only as a healthcare professional but also as another human being who can relate and empathize with him or her about his or her life experiences and health difficulties.  I am anxious to learn more in future classes and in different health settings.  I am excited about meeting new people and catalyzing my promising career in nursing.

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